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Taking a Test

Try before you register

As a visitor to Test Any, you are free to try out our test taking system in the Learn area of the site. This page will display a directory of test categories and a search box for finding tests.

Be aware, that taking tests in this manner will not record any history but you will be able to see your test results after completion. In order to track statistics and record a history of your scores, you will need to register and login with a free account.

Test Process

Regardless of whether you login or not, the test taking process is pretty much the same. You will follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Learn area and locate the test you want to take
  • On the test start page, review the test summary and settings
  • Click on the Start Test button to begin the test
Each question from the test will be presented to you one-at-a-time. Simply enter your response by checking a checkbox or typing in your response and hitting <enter>. Most tests will automatically submit your response as soon as you make it but this is dependent on your preferences (setup in the Account area).

As you are taking the test, you can navigate forwards and backwards through the available questions. If the test settings permit, you can even skip questions and come back to them later. At the end of the test, you will be notified of any questions left unanswered and you may click a button to find those questions.

After completing the test, you will be prompted to grade your test. Test grading is normally done using the standard grading scale used in the United States (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grade_%28education%29#United_States) Upon seeing your grade, you may record this in your history or discard the results.

Your Preferences

On the test start page, just before taking a test, you will see a summary of the test settings used to define the test behavior. These mainly affect the default test parameters used when taking a test. An example of the types of test settings you will see are:

  • Automatically Submit Response?
  • Skipping Unanswered Questions Allowed?
  • Show Result After Each Question?
You have the ability to setup your user preferences which will override the default test settings. You must be logged-in to change these settings and for your preferences to be applied to any tests you take.

Making a Test

Create a Test
To get started making your own test, you will need to go to the My Account area of the site and click on the Manage Tests link. This will take you to a page which gives you an overview of all of the tests you have created. Click the button on the bottom of this page labeled Add Test to get started making your own test.

The first step of creating a test is defining the properties which are used to categorize the test and display tests in the Learn area of the site. As you can see from the screen shot on the right, you can choose from two different types of tests to create. The Title and the Synopsis are displayed when browsing the test directory or when searching for tests so make sure they contain unique and descriptive keywords so that users can quickly find what they are looking for.

Another option at the bottom of the properties page is an option which reads "Is Open to All Registered Members?". If you answer Yes, then anyone who is registered with Test Any will be able to take the test. An answer of No means the test will only be available to those people you specify.

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