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Welcome to the teacher area of Test Any. This section of the site will be the main area for teachers to manage every aspect of their online digital classroom. Our site is actively developing new tools and teaching aids to assist you in providing a quality education and valuble learning tools.


Our most powerful feature is our test creation and management system. It allows instructors to create dynamic tests which change each time. Optionally, the teacher may create a static version of the test that doesn't change each time. Once created, the instructor can generate a printable PDF copy of the test along with an answer key.

We provide a useful directory of practice tests where you may publish your tests. Other users can find your test by searching or browsing through our directory. These public tests may be used without any restrictions so a student may take the test as many times as they like.

Each test is composed of a series of questions which may be one of many different standard question types. Questions types available are:

  • Multiple Choice - User chooses correct answer or multiple correct answers from a list of options (may be variable length)
  • True / False - User must determine if a statement is true or false
  • Yes / No - User chooses a response of Yes or No
  • Yes / No / Sometimes - User chooses a response of Yes, No, or Sometimes
  • Write-In - User must type in the correct response in a text box
Creating a test is simple and intuitive. We encourage you to read our tutorial which will take you step-by-step through the process.

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